Anonymous: Hii! Im a big fan of your flickr photo stream. I hope you dont mind me asking you a few questions :) In your art would you say you are expressing or creating? I know these words are kind of open for interpretation, tho. I dunno.. when I look at your pictures I always wonder if they were made to express a personal idea or feeling from entirely inside your head and you needed to get it out (haha) or if they are created more from imagination and grow meaning as you shoot & edit. <3

:D aw thanks

Well I think it’s both cases really. I feel as though a lot of my photographs come from emotions and thoughts that roam around my head. Then ideas sort of just pop into my head & I try to create those ideas. However sometimes when I’m shooting and editing my feelings towards the subject changes. 

Sometimes I create characters in my head, sometimes colors inspire me, nature… anything really. haha Sorry my answer is all over the place. It’s definitely both though! Expressing through Creating & Creating to Express.

Posted on Tuesday, August 21st at 01:27AM